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Soda Blasting is performed with specialized blasting equipment that carefully regulates the special bicarbonate of soda (also known as baking soda) crystals, which are shot dry.

The impact of the crystals causes them to explode, which lifts the paint gently off the substrate. As the soda will dissolve in any liquid, it will not hurt bearings, sealing surfaces, or gears. Although it removes loose top-surface rust, it will not take off deep rust staining. The surface is left smooth and warp-free.

This process is great for all metals and areas that can't have blast profile. Examples of this would be hydraulic cylinders, seal surfaces, threads, bearings, aircraft pieces, etc. Call Metalstrip & Coatings Inc. in Red Deer for gentle soda blasting and more.

Example Work

powder gun

Superior adhesion and coverage for valves, pumps, hydrants & more.

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